Suicide Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies For Youth and Young Adults Identifying as LGBTQ+


This course provides current knowledge about effective strategies for working with youth and young adults identifying as LGBTQ+ (LGBTQ+ YYAs), to reduce the risk of suicide. The training is aimed at health care providers, mental health providers, and those working in social services and schools. 

Before users start the module they are required to take the Introduction to Suicide Prevention module. This module covers suicide as a public health problem, preferred language, common terms, high-risk groups, social determinants of health, and health disparities. 

The Suicide Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies for LGBTQ+ YYAs training consists of three learning segments: 

  1. Context
  2. Risk Factors and Warning Signs 
  3. Recommendations and Resources

Viewers are required to complete a short quiz (4-6 questions) before moving on to the next segment. The Context section provides background information about the population and current data revolving around mental health and suicide. The risk factors and warning signs segment explains the importance of recognizing risk factors and warning signs and provides specific risk factors and warning signs for LGBTQ+ YYAs. 

The Recommendations and resources section provides health, lifestyle, and other considerations to consider when addressing suicide risk in LGBTQ+ YYAs. Most importantly, this section also provides specific recommendations for those working with the LGBTQ+ YYAs to create protective factors to reduce suicide risk. The training also provides a resource section with links to both VT and national organizations for providers to get more information or to pass it on to others.

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